Lia Scambary



Geocoastal Research Group

The University of Sydney


Lia is an Honours student in the Geocoastal Research Group in 2017. She completed her Bachelor of Science in 2016, majoring in Geography and Marine Science. Under the supervision of A/Prof Ana Vila Concejo and USYD alumnus, Dr. Daniel Harris (UQ), she is investigating hydrodynamic and sediment transport processes on One Tree Reef. Her research aims to determine if wave pumping is occurring on OTR and understand how that impact sediment transport processes. She also aims to examine downcore sediments taken from the Eastern Sand Apron to determine the rate of sedimentation throughout the recent Holocene. Her research involves using a relatively new taphonomic approach, which was largely developed by the GRG, through the analysis of large benthic foraminifera in the sediment cores.

In 2017, she was nominated by the Dean for the Rev A. S. McCook Memorial Scholarship for Geography. This scholarship was awarded for merit in Senior Geography to a student proceeding to Geography or Geomorphology honours, to assist in the expenses for field work connected with the thesis.