Todd (Jinwen) Sun


Todd is a master student majoring in Master of Marine Science and Management, working on research supervised by A/Prof Jody Webster and co-supervised by Dr Robin Beaman (James Cook University) and Dr Tom Bridge (James Cook University). His current research detects the composition and zonation of the mesophotic communities in Queensland Plateau, where the data was collected by R/V Falkor in May/June 2020. This research is expected to make an insight into the geological evolution and biodiversity of Australia’s marine frontier, to provide statistical evidence for understanding the unexplored reefs and to enrich the study of mesophotic coral reefs under the topic of climate change.

Todd has completed a Bachelor of Agriculture (Aquaculture) with a study titled “The impact of self-ejected ink on the behaviour, growth and survival rate of Sepia pharaonis during the breeding process”. This study has promoted the artificial breeding process of pharaoh cuttlefish and succeeded in commercializing the cuttlefish in the following years. Besides, Todd has conducted another research titled “Using immobilized microalgae to purify industrial and aquaculture used wastewater”, where the technique received a patent and has been introduced into industry. 

You can find out more about Todd’s current research here:

Visioning the Coral Sea Marine Park

Diamond islet (Dive 365, a windward slope)

Lihou reef (Dive 367, a leeward slope)