GRG Labs

The GeoReef Lab has been specially remodeled to enable the efficient layout, description and subsampling 10s m fossil coral reef cores at a time. We currently also have archived hundreds of metres of cores and thousands of hand speciems from fossil reefs systems from around the world.
The Geosciences Marine Wet Sediment and Core Analysis Laboratory is the School’s main lab used for the splitting, description subsampling and archiving of soft sediment cores.


The Marine Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Modelling Lab has been setup to run a range for sophisticated 3D visualization, numerical modeling software to investigate a range of marine depositional systems.
Under construction! Under construction!
Under construction! The Geosciences Particle Size Analysis Laboratory contains a range of equipment to measure sediment particle size and other textural characteristics and includes wet & dry sieves, settling column and a Malvern Laser particle sizer.
Under construction! The Geosciences Chemical Digestion Laboratory is set up to do a variety of chemical digestions.
Under construction! The Geosciences Mineral Separation Laboratory is set up to do a range of mineral separation procedures.
The School of Geosciences maintains well equipped laboratories for rock cutting thin second preparation.