GRG in the news.

Fossil reefs record rapid changes in global ice sheets. Check out this TV spot I did for the BBC World News about the publication of our recent sea level research published in Nature.

Rise and a fall of the Great Barrier Reef over the past 30,000 years. See the link for a summary of the wide media exposure our recent paper in Nature Geoscience generated. The paper was also names in the top 10 (#4) science discoveries at USYD in 2018.

Untangling the role of climate on sediment and reef evolution over millennial timescales

Check out this new article by the website CNET. GRG Collaborator Rob Beaman and I make an appearance talking about using multibeam sonar to map the GBR sea bed. This part of a larger series of articles focused coral reefs and climate change.

Catalyst: Can we save the reef?  An interesting program hosted by Prof. Emma Johnston  that  aired on 3rd Oct 2017. Our segment on the evolution of the GBR through time in response to natural climate change appears about 36 mins into the program.

Evidence of reef drowning around Hawaii as a result of catastrophic sea level rise about 14,700 years ago. Some nice media coverage of GRG PhD student Kelsey Sanborn’s new paper providing evidence of a meltwater pulse (referred to as meltwater pulse 1-A), based on analysis of fossil coral reef samples from off the coast of Kawaihae, on the northwest of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Largest undersea landslide revealed on Great Barrier Reef; also check out the interview our GRG collaborator Rob Beaman did with Fran Kelly on the ABC Radio National Breakfast Program  .

Great Barrier Reef almost drowned during Last Interglacial, climate impact study finds.
The segment was also aired on the ABC National News on 15th Jan 2017.

Halimeda bioherms – huge “doughnut reefs” discovered behind the Great Barrier Reef

Tsunamis and the Great Barrier

New reef coring campaign unlocks the climate change secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

Reef slowdown after Ice Age sounds a warning for Great Barrier Reef’s future

Relative sea level ~2,000 years ago controls Great Barrier Reef lagoon sediment infilling

Ice age coral could point to future sea levels

More IODP Exp. 325 coverage

Submarine landslides in the GBR

Deep water, mesophotic fossil coral reefs

Drowned coral reefs and castastrophic ice sheet collapse – excellent interview with the ABC’s Robyn Williams