Dr Kelsey Sanborn

Version 2


PhD Candidate

Geocoastal Research Group

The University of Sydney

e: Kelsey.sanborn@sydney.edu.au

Kelsey Sanborn is a PhD candidate in the Geocoastal Research Group at the University of Sydney, supervised by A/Prof Jody Webster and co-supervised by A/Prof Andrea Dutton (University of Florida). Her research specifically investigates coral reef response to past episodes of geologically rapid sea-level change, and how sea level can be reconstructed using the reef record. Kelsey came to Sydney in 2014 after finishing a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Environmental Sciences from Tufts University in Boston, USA, in order to pursue an honours project with Jody Webster investigating the response of Hawaiian drowned reefs to deglacial sea-level rise (specifically meltwater pulse-1A). After obtaining a First Class Honours, Kelsey was given the opportunity to expand on this work in a PhD project with a University of Sydney International Scholarship.

During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Kelsey has developed significant research interests in carbonate sedimentary facies analysis, coral taxonomy, carbonate platform geomorphology and evolution, geochemistry (radiocarbon and Uranium-Thorium dating), and coralgal assemblage analysis. This has particularly been investigated over periods of abrupt climatic change, including last deglacial sea-level rise, the post-glacial marine transgression and the Last Interglacial. This has included extensive sedimentary petrographic analysis, and 2D and 3D geologic mapping.


  • Investigating evidence of deglacial meltwater pulse 1A preserved in Hawaiian drowned reef terraces
  • Examining drilled fossil reef cores in the Capricorn Bunker Group, Southern GBR, to examine the early colonizing Holocene initiation communities and geomorphological reef development
  • Drilling and analysing exposed MIS 5e corals from Western Australia to study the response of reefs to sea-level rise and the patterns of sea-level oscillations in the Last Interglacial


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