Thomas Fellowes


Thomas (Tommy) Fellowes

Geocoastal Research Group

The University of Sydney

 MPhil Candidate (Coastal Processes)


Tommy Fellowes is a Master of Philosophy candidate of the Geocoastal Research Group at the University of Sydney. His research examines coastal morphology and evolution of the embayed beaches of eastern Sydney. Tommy’s research will monitor long-term shoreline, topographical beach dynamics and embayed beach states at Bondi and Maroubra. Specific focus will look at headland embayment and its influence on beach processes. His research plans to extend the current monitoring programs at these iconic Sydney beaches and to further expand current conceptual models for embayed beaches. This project is under the supervision of A/Prof. Ana Vila-Concejo and Dr. Robert (Jak) McCarroll.

In 2011 Tommy completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology at the University of Technology, Sydney. He then moved to The University of Sydney in 2014 to undertake a Master of Marine Science and Management where he first joined the Geocoastal Research Group and subsequently shifted his interests towards coastal and coral reef geomorphology. His first research project with conducted under the supervision of A/Prof. Ana Vila-Concejo. This ongoing project was on the role of Large Benthic Foraminifera as a ‘tracer’ for sediment transport within a developed sand apron at One Tree Reef in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.