Fledermaus Training Course – Thanks Acoustic Imaging!

University of Sydney Geoscientists extended their research and data manipulation skills at the annual Acoustic Imaging Fledermaus training course! 

This week members of the Geocoastal Research Group, along with a number of industry professionals, completed the QPS Fledermaus Pro (3D visualisation) training course. The course was expertly run by Nicole and Doug Bergersen from Acoustic Imaging and was hosted by the GRG at the University of Sydney.

The 4-day intensive course covered a number of different topics, such as the theoretical background behind global positional systems and survey techniques, hands-on practice with various software products (e.g. QINSY, Fledermaus, ArcGIS, POSPac), and training on bathymetric data acquisition, data processing methodology, and data analysis procedures. We also got a first look at the new multibeam editing software package QIMERA, hot off the press on last Monday!

Sample datasets gave us plenty of hands-on training with the software and we were also able to work on our own datasets from southeast Australia’s continental shelf, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Murray River in South Australia. Nicole and Doug ran a fantastic course and provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise, helping us overcomes problems with our own data. A big thanks to Acoustic Imaging and looking forward to working with them in the future.

Submarine landslides and canyons on the continental slope offshore the east coast of Australia

Submarine landslides and canyons on the continental slope offshore the east coast of Australia

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