Exciting Seminars Next Week!

It’s an exciting time to be in the School of Geosciences with an influx of paleoclimate and reef experts visiting the Geocoastal Research Group over the next two weeks.

See the smorgass board of presentations below and feel free to come along. There really is something for everyone. There has never been a better time to be in Madsen!

  • Professor Juan Carlos Braga, University of Granada. “Plio-Pleistocene evolution of the Llanura Costera del Caribe (LCC) in eastern Hispaniola (Dominican Republic): interplay of geomorphic evolution and sedimentation”. 11 am Tuesday, 7 June, 2016. Madsen Conference Room (449). 
  • Dr Helen McGregor, University of Wollongong. “Volcanoes, oceans and global climate change”.  11:00 am, Thursday, 9th June, 2016. Petrology Lab 332 (Madsen).
  • Professor Yusuke Yokoyama, University of Tokyo “Colossal Antarctic ice-shelf collapse revealed from meteoric 10Be and compound specific 14C”.  12:00 pm Wednesday, 15th June, 2016. Madsen Conference Room (449). 


Juan_BragaBIO: Professor Braga from the Department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology, University of Granada is an expert in paleontology and geology.He has published more than 175 contributions in the areas of geology, paleontology, sedimentology,
stratigraphy, taphonomy, carbonates and palaeoecology.
Professor Braga is the most cited researcher in his research area.


helenBIO: Dr H. McGregor is an expert in the study of past climate to better understand present‐day climate, particularly tropical climate and ocean‐atmosphere processes such as El Niño. Her research improves our ability to forecast climate change and addresses key questions on the origins of natural climate variations.


YokoyamaBIO: Professor Yokoyama is an expert in Paleoclimatology, Earth Surface Process,
Paleoceanography, Geochemistry and Geochronology. His research interest is to study past environmental changes quantitatively so that the results can be used to better understand the physics of Earth’s various components including the cryosphere, ocean and atmosphere. He has been using various geochemical and geophysical measures to obtain high-resolution data spatially and temporally.



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