Hot off the press! Benthic foraminfera track major environmental changes over the past 30,000 years on the Great Barrier Reef

Please join me in congratulating GRG collaborator Professor Kazuhiko Fujita and his team on the publication of our new paper in the journal PAL3.

Yagioka, N., Nakada, C., Fujita, K., Kan, H., Yokoyama, Y., and Webster, J. M., 2019, Depositional environments beneath the shelf-edge slopes of the Great Barrier Reef, inferred from foraminiferal assemblages: IODP Expedition 325: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 514, p. 386-397.

You can also freely download the paper at the link below

Highlights of the paper include:

  • GBR shelf-edge sediment cores contain four distinct foraminiferal assemblages.
  • Four GBR foraminiferal assemblages reflect variations in water depth and substrate.
  • ≥MIS3 depositional environments differ between Noggins Pass and Hydrographers Passage.
  • Upward shallowing LGM deposits are related to stepwise sea-level falls.

Bravo Kazu and the team!




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