Hot off the press! Shelf-edge delta and reef development on a mixed siliciclastic–carbonate margin, central Great Barrier Reef.

Please join me in congratulating GRG collaborator Dr. James Daniell and the team on the publication of our new paper in the journal Sedimentary Research.

Daniell, J., Manoy, T., Beaman, R. J., Webster, J. M., Puga-Bernabeu, A. Shelf-edge delta deposits on a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate margin, central Great Barrier Reef. Sedimentary Research, 90(10): 1286-1304.

This is an interesting paper, that for the first time, describes the architecture and geomorphic development of the paleo-Burdekin delta system that formed on the shelf edge of the central Great Barrier Reef. The study presents a comprehensive analysis of available sparker seismic and sub-bottom profile data and provides new insights into the sedimentary processes that act on reef-rimmed, mixed siliciclastic– carbonate margins during periods of lower sea level.

Bravo James and the team!



Ps. We anticipate that the wealth of new multibeam bathymetry data just collected further south on the Ice Age Geology of the Great Barrier Reef expedition on the RV Falkor will enhance further our understanding of the diverse suite of submerged terraces, pinnacles, paleo-channels, and shorelines that exist along the entire margin.



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