#Coast2Coast and #Coast2Cast

Over the last year, Giovanni Coco, Mitch Harley, Kristen Splinter, Ryan Lowe, and I (Ana Vila-Concejo) have been organising a series of Zoominars (i.e., seminars via zoom 😊) that have been very successful. #Coast2Coast started as an opportunity for postgrad students to present internationally in a year of no conferences, and evolved into a seminar series that has followers and presenters from many countries. We don’t have a list in one page, and we probably should, Giovanni has been updating them in his website the Coast and Ocean Collective and I have been uploading the recordings to YouTube. They are an excellent teaching resource!

This is one of our #Coast2Coast #Zoominars with Oscar Ferreira from the University of Algarve in Portugal… he woke up ridiculously early for this!

Giovanni and I are now starting another adventure. As we often had a real coffee over a virtual get together, we discussed how interesting the #Coast2Coast #zoominar had been and how much we were learning without travelling to conferences and without jetlag! One of us came up with the idea of a podcast where we would draw conversations with coastal scientists, engineers and oceanographers about research and non-research topics. The easiest was to start with a set of fixed questions and to abuse the trust of some of our friends and close collaborators. We offered the idea to Kristen, Mitch and Ryan and they politely declined, probably thinking that we were crazy. Giovanni and I bought matching microphones and so the adventure of #Coast2Cast started!

This week we have released the first two episodes of #Coast2Cast where we interview Britt Raubenheimer and Karin Bryan, next in line include Rob Holman, Yoshi Kuriyama, Shari Gallop, Andy Short, Andrew Ashton, Marten Kleinhans, Kristen Splinter, Bob Guza, Ana Matias, Gerardo Perillo… stay tuned and contact us to give us feedback, both positive and negative, and help us spread the word! They are also a good teaching resource, I shared some with my students and they liked them!

You can listen to #Coast2Cast in Spotify or directly from the Coast and Ocean Collective. I hope you enjoy them… I love the ones that Giovanni has done and after getting over my fear of listening to my own voice, I also like the ones I have done!

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