Hot off the press! Sediment contamination, rivers and bays

Please join me in congratulating A/Prof. Gavin Birch and the team on publication of their new paper in the journal Regional Studies in Marine Science.

Birch, G.F., Gunns, T. and Lound, S.P., 2022. The impact of two extensively-modified rivers (Georges and Cooks Rivers) on a receiving basin exhibiting minor ecological risk (Botany Bay) (Australia). Regional Studies in Marine Science, 52.


• Cooks River is one of the most anthropogenically-modified urban rivers in east Australia.

• Cooks River sediments are severely enriched and with moderate ecologic risk.

• Georges River sediments are highly enriched with moderate to slight ecological risk.

• Cooks and Georges Rivers discharge metal-rich sediments to Botany Bay.

• Low ecological risk in Botany By due to high energy and metal-poor coarse sediments.

This paper represents a fundamental contribution to our understanding of anthropogenically modified urban rivers and estuaries. Bravo Gavin!




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