Hot off the press: Creating communities and communicating science during COVID-19: From Coast2Coast to Coast2Cast

As the world was locking down in 2020, a group of us started new online initiatives. Coast2Coast is a zoominar series (seminars on zoom) and Coast2Cast is a podcast where our listeners learn “curious and less curious things” about coastal scientists and engineers.

  • Here you can read the paper
  • Here you can find the recordings for #Coast2Coast
  • Here you can listen to the #Coast2Cast podcast
Screenshot of Youtube's playlist


  • Two new online initiatives provided unexpected benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Both initiatives contributed to creating a sense of community and belonging for the researchers involved.
  • The main prerequisite was high-quality and impactful research.
  • Diversity and inclusion were considered a priority, thus increasing diversity and inclusion.
  • Our results suggest that there is a place for short online events in a pandemic-free future.
Screenshot from Podcast site
Screenshot from the Podcast site []

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