NERC funded PhD studentship now available!! Paleoclimate variability over the last 500,000 years from drowned Hawaiian coral reefs

Hi All, a very exciting opportunity has come up to undertake a PhD with GRG collaborator Dr. Nicola Allison (University of St. Andrews) and colleagues on a new project “Snapshots of climate variability in the Central Pacific over the last 500ka from drowned Hawaiian coral reefs”. See the link for more details about the PhD project.

This PhD project is related to the upcoming IODP Exp. 389 in 2023 to drill the drowned fossil reefs around the Big Island of Hawaii, and it will also focus on an amazing suite of coral samples that have already been collected as part of the site survey data set.

This opportunity is open to UK as well as international students so feel free to distribute this to any students who might be interested in applying.




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