Carra Georgina Williams


Carra Georgina Williams

Geocoastal Research Group

School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney


Carra Williams is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her current research investigates the evolution and development of the carbonate platform and reefs in Australia’s North West Shelf throughout the Quaternary period. The focus is on Scott Reef and generating numerical models based on observational data such as core, thin section, seismic and high-resolution bathymetric data. By comparing observed data with forward modelled data, it becomes easier to unravel how carbonate settings responded in the past to changing environmental conditions and concurrently to better predict coming changes.

Carra has a Bachelor of Science from Cardiff University and a Master of Science from the University of Aberdeen with a distinction for her thesis titled ‘’Evaluation of an Intra-Volcanic Carbonate Build-up, offshore West Africa.’’ Carra has been working in the oil and gas industry for the past 7 years, most recently as a senior Geologist with Schlumberger, which included working with global clients on forward stratigraphic models using Petrel GPM (Geological Process Modelling) software.


  • Carbonate platforms & Coral Reefs
  • Numerical Modelling/forward stratigraphic modelling
  • Quaternary carbonate geology
  • North West Shelf
  • Great Barrier Reef


  • Compare and contrast Quaternary coral reef and carbonate platform development on the North East Australian margin (GBR) and North West Australian margin over the last 1 million years using forward stratigraphic modelling tools



AAPG/SEG ACE 2021 – 26th September 2021

Williams C., Courtade S., Dutra H.P.L., Lejri M., Habel W.B., Salomonsen P., 2021.
Reproducing carbonate sedimentary processes and architectures with stratigraphic forward modelling. Oral Presentation.