This second semester of 2014 we have started in full swing. First of all I would like to welcome all new members of the Geocoastal Research Group:

  • Wellington Trindade is doing his PhD about the morphodynamics of Amazonian Beaches in the University of Para (Brazil) with Luci Pereira and Ana; he will be here with us for almost one year as a trainee learning new techniques for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Kelsey Sanborn is undertaking Honours with Jody
  • Tom Donaldson-Browne is undertaking a research project with Dan H and Ana on the storm response of oceanic beaches.
  • Tommy Fellowes is undertaking a research project with Dan H and Ana on the sand apron sediments at One Tree Reef.
  • Clarissa Dantas is undertaking a traineeship looking at the evolution of estuarine beaches with Ana.
  • Allison Phillips is volunteering with us; she is mostly helping Tommy with his data analysis.
  • Molly Hart is also volunteering and helping Tommy with data and lab analyses.

On the other side of the academic path are Gus Hinestrosa and Kellie Adlam who are submitting their PhDs. Congratulations to them! Celebratory drinks are in order; please contact them for the details.

Dan H has also announced that he has accepted a postdoc and will be moving to Germany late this year, he will arrive just in time to see the beginning of winter, we are sure that he will soon be looking forward to the spring.

Dan H and I are off to Brisbane for the Australian Coral Reef Symposium; Steph is in Tahiti doing fieldwork (see the picture that proves it) and Jody will be leaving us next week to spend some time working in Japan.

Lots of news!


Steph Duce showing a coral core underwater in Tahiti

Steph very satisfied after obtaining one of the first cores in Tahiti

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