Hot off the press! GBR communities through the millennia.

Exp325_GBR_LogoV2Please join me in congratulating GRG collaborator Dr Marc Humblet on publication of our new paper in the journal Global & Planetary Change.

Humblet, M., Potts, D. C., Webster, J. M., Braga, J. C., Iryu, Y., Yokoyama, Y., Bourillot, R., Séard, C., Droxler, A., Fujita, K., Gischler, E., and Kan, H., 2018, Late glacial to deglacial variation of coralgal assemblages in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Global and Planetary Change, 174, 70-91.

You can also freely download the paper at the link below

Highlights from the paper include:

  • IODP 325 cores record history of GBR reef communities during past 30,000 years.
  • The GBR during the LGM is comprised coral taxa that are major reef-builders today.
  • LGM corals along the shelf edge may have been important to reseed reef upslope.
  • 13 ka transition to barrier reef occurs with shift to robust branching acroporids.
  • Sea-level, shelf morphology and sedimentation controlled reef community changes

This represents the most comprehensive study of the fossil reef communities (and how they changed) that built the now drowned GBR shelf edge reef system. It tells a fascinating and dynamic story of changes in coral and coralline algal assemblages as sealevel and climate varied since the Last Ice Age. Check it out.

Bravo to Marc and the Exp. 325 “reef biota” team!




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