Seminars by our Brazilian visiting scientists

Yesterday we had the pleasure of listening to the seminars by Dr Marcela Monteiro and Ms Brenda Ribeiro. Both of them are visitors from Brazil, from the state of Pará, right on the Amazonian part of Brazil. Their visit is part of the long term collaboration between the GRG and the coastal researchers at Pará Federal University.

Dr Marcela Monteiro is a visiting postdoctoral fellow and she presented on the work that she is doing with Dr Shari Gallop and me on the decadal evolution of estuarine and bay-side beaches. Her work is largely based on the data gathered and analysed by Ryan Schosberg and Vincent De Staercke at Sydney Uni and Macquarie Uni respectively, and she is adding new analyses and perspectives towards publication of the research.

Ms Brenda Ribeiro is a visiting undergraduate student, co-supervised by Prof Luci Pereira from Pará Federal University, who is undertaking research on the hydrodynamic and hydrological conditions of one of the many estuaries in the Amazonian coast of Brazil. She will then relate her results to the ecology of the oysters that local communities grow in the Emboraí Estuary.


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