Fully funded PhD projects now available with the Geocoastal Research Group!!

Fully funded PhD projects now available with the Geocoastal Research Group!!

Are you interested in doing a PhD focused on coral reefs and associated systems (Great Barrier Reef) that involves investigating climate and environmental changes, sedimentology, ecology, geochemistry, numerical modelling and data science?? If so contact me right now.

The GRG has two fully funded PhD projects that are now available as part of two larger projects supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC).  You will be part of large network of Australian and International research collaborators and advisors, address key questions in reef and climate science and learn latest techniques and methods across a range disciplines.  These projects are also available to suitable and well qualified foreign candidates through a competitive process (i.e. tuition & stipend are both covered).

More details about the specific projects and application process are available at the links below:

Check them out and please contact me directly (jody.webster@sydney.edu.au) if you would like more details about these specific projects.

Several other Hons, Masters and PhD projects are also available in the GRG that include the chance to participate in several upcoming exciting research cruises on the RV Investigator (N GBR – May-June) and RV Falkor (Papua New Guinea – June; NGBR – Aug; SGBR -Oct) in 2020 and the RV Sonne (Queensland Plateau – May) 2022.

Finally, feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in pursuing any of these exciting opportunities.

Jody Webster (GRG)



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