GRG seminar Tues 11:00 am – Dr. Steve Doo (Leibniz Institute for Tropical Marine Research, Bremen, Germany)


Dr. Steve Doo (Leibniz Institute for Tropical Marine Research, Bremen, Germany)

Title: Scaling organismal physiology to predictions of carbonate production in a changing marine climate

Time: Tuesday March 3rd 11:00 am Location: Conference Room 449 Madsen Building F09, USYD.

Abstract: The nourishment of carbonate beaches on coral reefs is reliant on the continual growth of calcareous organisms, and subsequent deposition on beaches. While understanding both production and deposition are both important, to date, there is a limited understanding of the dynamics that link these two processes. Large benthic foraminifera (LBFs) are unicellular organisms which calcify on coral reef algal flats and contribute >95% of carbonate beach sediments in certain locations. For this seminar, I will 1. present data collected on Lizard Island Reef to understand how substrata affect calcification rates of LBFs in current and near-future climate change scenarios of global climate change and ocean acidification. 2. I will present further syntheses of these data to understand how reef-scale carbonate production rates on Lizard Island Reef are projected to be altered by climate change. 3. Lastly, I will discuss current plans to refine both source production modelling efforts using metabolic scaling and sink deposition efforts through geospatial modelling.

Steve Doo is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Leibniz Institute of Tropical Marine Research in Bremen, Germany. His work focuses on understanding how marine calcifiers will respond to climate change effects by using a combination of laboratory- and field-based experiments. He is a graduate of the University of Sydney where he worked on both Lizard Island and One Tree Island for his PhD thesis.

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