RV Falkor explores the Ribbon Reefs!

Right now the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s RV Falkor is in the northern Great Barrier Reef exploring for the first time the Ribbon Reef #5 canyon systems. This leg is part of the Seamounts, Canyons & Reefs of the Coral Sea Expedition (July-Aug, 2020).

The Falkor is visiting Ribbon Reef #5 because this site has been a major focus of geologic research over the last several decades. In fact the GRG and collaborators across Australia and around the world have been leading a program called “From Corals to Canyons” that seeks to understand the evolution and connections between all elements of this system in time and space.  For a bit of a “primer” see below some the GRG’s relevant work in the area.

The next week or so should be fascinating as we use the ROV (SuBastian) to survey and sample the geology and biology of the sea floor in and around the canyons and also the deep forereef slope of Ribbon Reef #5.

The shelf and Halimeda bioherms

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Ribbon Reef #5 Pleistocene reef evolution

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Ribbon Reef fossil shelf edge reef system

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Ribbon Reef modern mesophotic reef system

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Ribbon Reef canyon and slope system

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Jody Webster (GRG)


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