Hot off the press! Controls on the geomorphology of Halimeda bioherms in the Great Barrier Reef.

Please join me in congratulating of GRG member Mardi McNeil on the publication of her fantastic new paper in the journal Depositional Record.

McNeil, M. A., Nothdurft, L. D., Dyriw, N., Webster, J. M., Beaman, R,. 2020. Halimeda bioherm morphotypes in the Great Barrier Reef: Geomorphometrics, internal architecture, and carbonate volume (The Depositional Record)

This is a really important paper that fundamentally advances our understanding of these enigmatic but very important carbonate depositional systems and habitats in the inter-reef areas of the Great Barrier Reef shelf. Note this paper is Open Access so feel free to download it directly and check it out.

Bravo Mardi and the team!




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