Research Project Update: IODP Exp. 389 (Hawaiian Drowned Reefs) now back on the schedule for drilling in 2023!


Hi All, some very exciting news.

It has recently been confirmed that IODP Expedition 389 (Hawaiian Drowned Reefs) will now be rescheduled for 2023.

The objectives of this expedition are to recover fossil coral reef cores from an amazing sequence of drowned coral reefs that are preserved around the flanks of the Big Island of Hawaii. The project will use an innovative, seabed rock drill to recovery continuous fossil reef samples from reefs currently at ~ -120 m to -1500 m that span the period back to ~500-600,000 years. These samples will allow us to reconstruct an unparalleled record of past sea level and climate changes (including El-Nino) and coral reef responses.logo-389-low

You can read more details in the recent ECORD newsletter here and short science article my colleagues and I wrote summarizing what we hope to achieve scientifically with the Expedition. The official call for scientists to sail and participate in Exp. 389 will likely be announced by all IODP member countries in earlier Jan 2022 – so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.




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