Hot off the press! Debate on global sea level changes & ice sheet dynamics over the past 80,000 years

Please join me in congratulating Prof. Yusuke Yokoyama and the team on publication of our new comment/reply in the journal Nature Communications.

Yokoyama, Y., Lambeck, K., De Deckker, P., Esat, T.M., Webster, J.M. and Nakada, M., 2022. Towards solving the missing ice problem and the importance of rigorous model data comparisons. Nature Communications, 13(1): 6261.

This paper represents part of a very stimulating debate we have been having with other colleagues (Gowan et al. Nature Communications (2021)) concerning global sea level changes and ice sheet dynamics over the past 80,000 years. Of particular interest is the discussion around the clear discrepancy between model and data estimations of sea level during Marine Isotope Stage 3 (MIS3: 57–30 ka).

This paper also relates to our teams ongoing work on International Ocean Discovery Project (IODP) Exp. 325 (Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes) to investigate sea level change and reef response using fossil reef cores.



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