GRG Skills/Workshops/Seminars

GRG Skills/Workshops

Skills/Workshop: OK – now i want to publish my work!

Skills/Workshop: OK – I got my paper reviews back….what hell do I do now?!?

Skills/Workshop: OK – I want to make/visualize a Red Relief image map (RRIM) & workflow

Skills/Worksop: OK – I want to give a great seminar/presentation. Check out this excellent article in Nature covering some of the key points and do’s and don’ts.

GRG Guest Seminar

Associate Professor Chris Roelfsema (UQ) – “How much coral reef real estate is there in the world?”

Carra Williams – Carbonate forward stratigraphic modeling (July 28th, 2021) –

ENVI5809 Group 2: Longshore Drift Hindcast and Forecast Modelling

Understanding short term wave climate effects on regional sediment transport using nearshore wave hindcast and forecast models KUESlS]

GRG Skills/Workshops/Seminars

MARS5007 (Coral Reefs & Climate Change) – Guest Lectures

A/Prof. Will Figueira) – 3D reef, structure & morphology (2021)

– Dr. Daniel Harrison) – What will it take to save the Great Barrier Reef?: The age of active intervention (2021)