Paper alert – Sediment transport of coral sands

Last June we published a paper that had been in the making since February 2017 when we received at the GRG the visit of Amin Riazi who was a PhD student at the time.

The paper is about how carbonate sands from coral reefs have different properties from the more common siliciclastic sands and develops new ways of calculating the drag coefficient. The paper is open source was puclished in Scientific Reports from the Nature Publishing Group. You can reach it by clicking the image below.

Image shows the title and authors from Scientific reports. It is provided as a hyperlink to reach the paper at the publishers.

The paper was well received and we received media attention (thank you to Marcus Strom and Rocio Otoya) including the following media outlets. I even did a radio interview for ABC breakfast but I cannot find the link.

Example figure from the paper with no caption or anything

P.S. This is a late post – COVID times!

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