Coast 2 Coast Zoominar Series (#C2C)

One of the very few positive outcomes of COVID-19 has been the organisation of what started as an Australia-New Zealand seminar series on Zoom (==> Zoominar). This zooominar series is a collective effort by Giovanni Coco from Coast and Ocean Collective (University of Aukland), Kristen Splinter and Mitch Harley from the Water Research Laboratory (UNSW), and lately by me, Ana Vila-Concejo from the Geocoastal Research Group and Marine Studies Institute at University of Sydney.

Every two weeks we have an international speaker presenting about their most recent research and attendants can request the opportunity of presenting their most recent publication in under 100s.

So far we have had the following speakers:

Our next speaker will be Óscar Ferreira from the University of Algarve in Portugal! Send Ana an e-mail if you want to be added to the C2C mailing list!

In the meanwhile, you can catch up on some of the past Zoominars that are available in You Tube!

  • Jak McCarroll’s Zoominar is here.
  • Yoshi Kuriyama Zoominar is here.

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