Take a Virtual field trip to One Tree Island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef




Ever wanted to visit One Tree Reef? Has the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily clipped your field work “wings”? If so please join me on unique Virtual field trip of One Tree Island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

The University of Sydney manages the One Tree Island Research Station (OTIRS) which hosts a wide variety of teaching and research activities for groups nationally and internationally. Working with USYD’s Outreach and Educational Innovation teams please join me on this immersive, research-led teaching experience as I take you on a 35 minute guided tour of One Tree Reef.  A very special thank you to Tim Harland (Education Innovation) for doing such a brilliant job of editing Christopher Landenberger’s (Marketing – Videographer) beautiful images together, and Rachael Di-masi (Marketing) for organizing the trip to source the video images as part of last years “Unlearning the reefcampaign.

So please join me on a “potted” tour of this special place as we explore many of the main reef environments and processes, while being exposed to some of the cutting-edge research our Geocoastal Research Group is conducting on the reef.

I hope you enjoy it and that we can all get back into the field soon!




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